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spending the weekend at Comic-Con with these two.  (at San Diego Comic-Con International)

with roots firmly planted.

always looking towards the bright side of things.  (at Downtown Santa Cruz)

I had the worst headache and couch today. I guess I’ve been feeling a bit under the feather.  (at Santa Cruz Wharf)

just a slice of lunch with friends at work. yeah, my puns are a bit crusty and even a little cheesy. 🍕 (at Warner Brothers TMZ)

I see you bae… I mean bay! (at Santa Cruz Beach)

SF stays hella lean, yadadamean? (at San Francisco, CA)

don’t drink the water.  (at Natural Bridges State Beach)

🙌 (at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater)

Summer is the season of simplicity. 

#whpsolstice • @instagram  (at Knollcrest Park)

swerve.  (at Buena Park Downtown)

a million times, a trillion more.